Environmental Pollution And Steps Taken By Different Entities To Prevent Them.

What is environmental pollution?

Pollution is the emittance of chemical substances such as noise, heat and light to the environment. There are many types of pollutions such as land pollution, air pollution, light pollution, sound pollution, and water pollution. These pollutions are bad for mother earth as these may cause the increase in the bad gases on earth making it difficult for the living beings to breath.  For example, air pollution would increase the level of carbon dioxide in the surrounding. This is a reason for the unbearable heat that people are suffering currently. This therefore, causes global warming as at the end these gases damage the ozone layer which protects the earth from the robust UV rays of the sun.

How countries have taken measure against pollution.

Reports states that in 2012 alone, approximately nine million lives have been lost due to pollution. Therefore, countries which are strong in economy and has a massive industry, where more damage to the environment can be caused has been warned by the world health organization to take necessary steps to reduce environmental pollution.  For example, the Paris agreement is such an agreement. The countries   which have a report of massive carbon dioxide emission are India, China, Us, Russia and japan. South China sea news states that they have agreed to the many terms of the agreement to minimise the environmental damages caused by their countries. The united states have however shown reluctance in abiding by the agreement.

This has outraged China which has many trade relationships with the US. The question is, will the great China Us relations be affected due to the moving of US from the Paris agreement. These two states having conflict is unhealthy. As both the states are strong in economy and wealth. Any outburst could result in a war. And having a war would mean more damage to property, people and thereby the environment.

Can Environmental pollution be stopped?

The beginning of environmental pollution can be derived to the era of the industrial revolution. Since then many animals and plants have been endangered and some even extinct. It is in the hands of the super power countries to get into discussions and try to take steps to prevent various poisonous gases from releasing to the space we live in. The initial step should be taken from our households.  What man fails to see is that pollution does not harm the animals and tress alone, but, mankind too. If we do not take necessary steps to reduce it now, there would arise a day where the extinction of mankind would take place due to our very own acts.