Getting Everything Ready For Moving Day

Moving to a new house or state or even a whole different country? That is great news! You are about to embark on an exciting new adventure and will soon be starting a new chapter of your life. However, before you move you still have to pack up and prepare to move out of your current home and into your new one. Here are some tips on how to make the packing process easier.

Start early

Get a head start on your packing. Start by packing up all non-essential items like your books and DVD’s and ornaments. By non-essential we mean the items you can get by without on a daily basis. Start packing up your winter or summer clothes depending on what the season is and start making a list of what other items you should put away. Things like extra plates and bedding, curtains, cushions and even electronic items and shoes should all be packed up as early as possible.

Keeping things safe

Many of your items may be fragile and depending on how far you are moving you may have to pay some extra attention to how your items are packed and transported. For instance pack plates, cups and ornaments with paper or wrap them in bubble wrap before boxing them up. Make sure that the boxes are labelled fragile and that you label the right side up of the box. You may also have some furniture items that you cannot take with you but do not wish to get rid of. Consider looking into long span shelving that provide great storage solution before you move.

With Alpha Storage & Equipment you could turn up some great storage options for these items you will not immediately need or that you may not have space for in your new home. You should also look into hiring a moving van or truck to help shift your boxes or look into shipping containers if you are moving overseas.

Easy access

You will also need to make sure that certain essential items are packed for easy access. You do not want to be digging through multiple boxes looking for a plate, saucepan or a bedsheet. Label each box with its content and pack a small separate bag of essential items to get you through the first few nights in your new home. Keeping things organised will make it easier to unpack and get settled as well. Furthermore, you will also need to be able to set up home fast and so make sure that you do not get overzealous with the packing tape – especially if you forget where you packed the scissors!