Importance Of Interior And Exterior Brand Image Creation

Whether it is an established enterprise or a start-up, the brand you create is more than simply a logo or a set of wordings. It has to encompass the whole experience customers expect and remember the business for. The images need to mean what the business stands for and how it operates. It basically acts as a reminder for customers to return to do business with you or not.

Office signage can be interior, exterior or digital, performing various functions for an organisation. A collection of images, symbols and letters can be used to create unique and creative messages targeted at specific groups. When it comes to interior use, the branding and communication elements need to be flexible, adaptable to meet the changing requirements. Therefore way-finding signs, lobby logos and fit-outs , personnel identification panels all need to be planned out and placed correctly. Exterior communication elements can include billboards, murals, banners and street signs to name a few. Creatively and strategically placed, they act as permanent sales people for your business. Another element is the digital aspect where all your online imagery meets the same expectations set for the physical business. Since the onset of online retailing, this aspect of marketing is very important in projecting the right image for customers.

Exterior branding are either wall or ground mounted and are directed at attracting passing pedestrians or motorists.  Building mounted signs are ideal for indicating the location of a business and most suitable when there is quite a bit of foot traffic. Interior designs are mostly used to give direction and help customers identify where they are going once they enter a building or location. Not only this, they can further communicate the brand values.

Research suggests that customers are more likely to do business with an organisation they know and can relate to. Therefore communication material needs to be memorable and create lasting images in the minds of customers. When it comes to external branding, billboards and name signs attract customers to your business. Or in some occasions thy can inform customers of special offers and promotions running at present. Exterior communication elements also can act as mechanisms to direct customers to a particular location or to help them find their way to the business or shop. Interior marketing logos and communication symbols can help customers find their way to locate their favourite merchandise from a large store such as a supermarket or mall. Not only this, interior signage also help employees locate their way around as well. In modern businesses the website is a primary source for customer information, therefore fine fabric banner on a website or on an online advertisement needs to communicate the correct message and must be placed strategically as well.

Whether it is placed inside, externally or online, they all play an important role in communicating your brand image to the target audience. Therefore, when planning your business it is important to look at brand imaging tools in a more cohesive and consistent manner.