The Different Types Of Tints

Basically, tinting is the addition of a thin slightly transparent film to a surface so as to reduce the intensity of light passing through. People tint various surfaces for different reasons. As a result there are various types of tinting. One can resolve to tint the house windows and doors, car’s windows, the office windows just to mention a few. Highlighted below are the different kinds of tinting:

Decorative tinting is done for the sole reason of enhancing the appearance of a place. The interior glass of your home window can be made to have more splendor making your room look more exciting. Decorative tint films have an array of advantages. To start with, a decorative tint can be designed to be a company’s logo or symbol. They also provide privacy to your homes or offices. Above all, decorative tints augment the general look and feel of your firm or home. Decorative tints are mostly done on home windows. To add that extra grandeur you have always desired try house tinting. It is a lot cheaper than having all your windows replaced with brand new ones. What’s more, it offers protection to your furniture.

Tinting the windows of the car was the earliest form of tinting. It is one of the finest methods used by car owners to boost the appearance of their cars. The tinted windows not only offer added comfort but also utmost security of the interior glass. If you want to sell your old car, tinting its windows is a splendid way of increasing its value. Most auto manufacturers produce vehicles with high quality leather as well as suede interiors that require a great deal of maintenance. Consequently, these interiors need to be protected from the hazardous ultra-violet rays of the sun.

Commercial window tinting is a general term for tints purposefully made to provide security. Calamities are bound to take place from time to time. There are regions that will always experience earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados and other unpleasant weather conditions. In such places, real estate owners construct houses with security tints to offer maximum protection when disasters strike.

Solar tints provide protection from excessive sun’s rays. The sun is our main source of light during daytime. However, its ultraviolet rays can end up doing more harm than good not only to us but also to our property if not regulated. Did you know that these rays can render you cancerous? What’s worse they can cause your flooring, furniture and curtain to fade a great deal in just a short while.

There has been a good deal of advancements in the technology of window films. This has resulted to the invention of anti graffiti films. An anti graffiti film is a special kind of film that has multi layers. It is specifically made to reduce vandalism by shielding glass and mirrors from permanent destruction. Anti graffiti films are the most recent invention in commercial window film technology. Beyond the reward of offering protection, anti graffiti films also impede the penetration of harmful ultraviolet rays.