Things To Be Factored In While Buying A Security Door

With growing interests in security screens, it is important for homeowners to consider various factors before choosing which type of screen they will use in their homes. There are various types of screens such as Security Grilles, security doors and inset screens among others. 

The most basic consideration is the type of material used in manufacturing of the security door. Aluminum, steel and metal alloys are the most common materials used for this purpose. These materials are treated to make them strong enough to be used as a security door. However, wider frames is a characteristic of screen doors made from metal alloys or aluminum. This is because aluminum and metal alloy are structurally weaker than steel. Sliding aluminium doors Melbourne are quite advantageous as they never rust. This in turn make them very expensive. Steel on the other hand requires treatment and powder coating. As much as this is done, signs of rust will be evident 8-10 years down the line. When this occurs, they are usually taken for recoating.

The next dilemma is buying either a flush-mounted or a tube-mounted installation. Both provide the much needed security but flush-mounted installation gives the door a more natural look. The main difference is that flush-mounted security doors are known to provide a better seal as there will exist no gap around the opening which is not the case with mounting the security door on a tube frame.

Another important consideration is sealing out insects and scorpions. Before buying, homeowners should ask the seller how the screen door will seal out these unwanted guests. In most parts of the world, the biggest nuisance is the mosquito. Most companies that manufacture these doors use peel-and-stick foam tape to seal the doors. With time, the tape hardens and cracks thus requiring a replacement. Other companies employ a better method for the same purpose. They use felt strips to sealing the door. The strips require no maintenance and last as long as the door itself.

What will happen if a break-in occurs? What will happen if the handle loosens? Under normal conditions, how long would you expect the screen to open and close correctly? These are some of the very many questions that homeowners should ask the installer. Guarantees are very important as they prove that the security product is not faulty and will provide good services for a long period of time. Homeowners should not buy security doors without a minimum guarantee of 6 months